You now have the option of promoting CaRP Evolution through ClickBank (publisher ID “geckotribe“) or through this affiliate program. CaRP should show up in the ClickBank marketplace tomorrow [Update 6/26/07: it’s there]. There are advantages to each affiliate program.


* Commission percentage is 25% even if you only make one sale in a month–however, […]

I’ve temporarily gotten out of the business of doing paid CaRP installations in order to make time for product and business development. Because some users need installation services, I created a list of CaRP installation service providers yesterday (no one is listed yet). If you have the expertise to install and configure CaRP on bot […]

Keith Wellman has put together a package of 30 products with resell rights. You can resell them or give them away as bonuses with your products, and many if not all of them can be altered and rebranded. Or of course, you can just read and use them yourself. (At the current price of $9.95, […]

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