For 24 hours beginning at noon eastern on Thursday, November 12, I’ll be running an unusual sort of sale to launch a major upgrade to ExPop. The commission rate for all sales will be 50% (higher than usual for anyone not in the top commission tier!)

It’ll start off as a “dime sale”, beginning at […]

I’ve just posted a “box image” for CaRP Evolution on the page where you get your CaRP affiliate links. The image is available in 3 sizes. Feel free to copy the images to your webserver and display them with your promotional materials.

Images for other products will be added in the future.

I’m trying a little experiment, and it MAY end at the end of this month. At least till then, you’ll be able to create your OWN coupon codes for most Gecko Tribe products. And here’s the crazy part — you get to set the price!

Okay, I’m not completely insane — the maximum discount you […]

Good news: my brother-in-law and his mechanic friend back home found an engine for us and a person to tow the van back home cheap where the mechanic will do the repairs. It will still cost a couple thousand dollars, but what a relief to know we’re not going to have to just junk it! […]

I’ve got a new coupon code that you can offer your customers who might be interested in CaRP…but first the story behind the “Roadside Assistance Sale”…

Yesterday, we packed up our van and left Nebraska for Bear Lake (on the Utah-Idaho border) for a family reunion. Just before reaching Cheyenne Wyoming, we heard a “thunk” […]

I’ve just updated my checkout system so that I’ll be able to set up coupon codes for you to use to promote Gecko Tribe products, and the first coupon code will be for a 25% off sale on CaRP.

My wife and I just bought a home, and while we’ve got furniture for the living […]