Program Changes

Before I get started, let me point out that your old affiliate links will continue to work. However, since the new affiliate link format looks less like and affiliate link and can be customized, you may wish to switch.

For example, an old affiliate link for CaRP looked like this:

The new one looks […]

I’ve just finished implementing two email preference options for the affiliate program.

First, if you just can’t stand receiving my monthly emails with information about who won last month’s contest, new products to promote, etc., you can opt out.

Second, you have the option of receiving an email notification every time you refer a sale. […]

I had a brainstorm last weekend, and tonight, I’ve got a new way for you to make money: Platinum Affiliate Membership. There are a few things you should know about it, so please at least skim this entire message to ensure that you don’t miss anything important.

First, what is Platinum Affiliate Membership: Platinum Affiliate […]

I’ve just updated the “Payments” section of the affiliate agreement to reduce the amount of time you’ll wait to be paid. Effective immediately, instead of commissions only being payable after the refund period has expired, 50% of commissions will be payable at the next payment date following each sale. For affiliates who don’t have many […]

Get ready to promote, because starting February 1st, this affiliate program is going to change! You may have noticed that I’ve “gussied” up the affiliate center quite a bit, but I’m just getting started. Here’s what’s coming:

1) Higher Commissions: Beginning February 1st, commission rates will be increased from 15%, 20% and 25% to 25%, […]

We’ve just replaced our old checkout system with one which should increase sales. With the old system, the customer would put a product in their cart, at which time, we might offer them a discount on a related product or mention a full-price related product, hoping that they’d buy multiple products at the same time […]

I just finished up a new page for promoting CaRP (you’ll find an affiliate link for it near the top of the text link creation page). It’s a signup page for a 7 day email mini-course titled 7 ways to turn RSS into R$$. Downloading CaRP Free now requires registering for the mini-course, whether you […]

Effective January 1, 2006, commission percentages at all sales tiers have been increased as follows:

Sales < $100/month: increase from 10% to 15%

Sales $100 – $499/month: increase from 15% to 20%

Sales > $500/month: increase from 20% to 25%

We have updated our terms to lower the thresholds for commission payouts. The monthly payout threshold has been lowered form $100 to $25 for affiliates who receive their commissions through PayPal and $50 for others, and the year end payout threshold has been lowered from $10 to $5 for affiliates who receive their commissions through […]

We overhauled our t-shirts page today, moving it from it’s old location at to its own subdomain at The new location features an updated design requiring less clicks to complete an order and using no JavaScript. Associates links to the old location will be redirected to the new pages for the time being, […]