Product Updates

Over the last week, I’ve made several major enhancements to SEO Content Factory, making it more user-friendly, enabling it to publish to a wider variety of social sites, and more. With these changes, it’s ready to be promoted to less technical users and those who are heavier into social networking.

Here are the highlights:

Schedule […]

For 24 hours beginning at noon eastern on Thursday, November 12, I’ll be running an unusual sort of sale to launch a major upgrade to ExPop. The commission rate for all sales will be 50% (higher than usual for anyone not in the top commission tier!)

It’ll start off as a “dime sale”, beginning at […]

I’ve just added 3 and 5 month payment plans for CaRP Evolution, Fast JV and ExPop. The total cost is of course slightly higher, but since the initial cost is much lower, sales should go up. This will impact affiliates in the following ways:

1) Commissions will be earned as the payments come in, so […]