New Promo Materials

When referring customers to an affiliate product, one way to increase conversions is to “pre-sell”. Essentially what that means is that rather than simply linking to the product, you do something to get the customer ready to buy and THEN send them to the product page.

I’ve created a new tool for you that actually […]

I’ve just posted a “box image” for CaRP Evolution on the page where you get your CaRP affiliate links. The image is available in 3 sizes. Feel free to copy the images to your webserver and display them with your promotional materials.

Images for other products will be added in the future.

I’m trying a little experiment, and it MAY end at the end of this month. At least till then, you’ll be able to create your OWN coupon codes for most Gecko Tribe products. And here’s the crazy part — you get to set the price!

Okay, I’m not completely insane — the maximum discount you […]

Oops, after sending out the email, I forgot to post the name of last month’s affiliate contest winner here. For the first time since the monthly contests began in February, Shawn Collins is NOT the winner! In fact, last month’s winner is a brand new affiliate.

Congratulations to Georgios Karambougidis, the winner of last month’ […]

I’ve reserved space on the CaRP squeeze page for affiliates’ testimonials and backlinks to your websites. When a customer follows your affiliate link to the CaRP squeeze page, your testimonial will be displayed.

To take advantage of this opportunity, email me the following:

Your name

A photograph of you that’s at least 100 pixels wide […]

I just finished up a new page for promoting CaRP (you’ll find an affiliate link for it near the top of the text link creation page). It’s a signup page for a 7 day email mini-course titled 7 ways to turn RSS into R$$. Downloading CaRP Free now requires registering for the mini-course, whether you […]

We’ve revamped the page the compares features between CaRP Free, CaRP Koi and CaRP Evolution, and we think it does a pretty compelling job of showing why CaRP Koi and Evolution are well worth the cost. Those of you whose users don’t need to have RSS explained to them, or who have already “sold” them […]

We’ve made some improvements to our marketing of CaRP and Grouper which should increase your opportunities to earn commissions from your referrals. The latest, launched just today, is these free bonuses for purchasers of CaRP Koi, CaRP Evolution and Grouper Evolution:

1. The Great Big Book of Internet Marketing – free with CaRP Koi or […]

We’ve done a little research on creating web pages that sell, and based on some of the information we found, have created a new “landing page” that you might want to link to for selling CaRP: Two simple steps to higher search engine placement. You’ll find this link in the “RSS & Atom Tools” section […]

We’ve got a few ideas coming down the pipe for different kinds of webpages to help you earn more with referrals for CaRP and other products. The first is available today for associates to link to: RSS solves all these common website problems. Expect more and better in the future. If you have any feedback […]