New Promo Materials

If you’d like to have a customized video made just for you to use to earn affiliate commissions for SEO Content Factory, I have an offer for you. I will make a customized video for any affiliate who refers just $25 in sales (or who already has within the past 30 days).

I just posted […]

I’ve written up an email message for you to send to your list to promote our current special offer ($99 for a collection of most of our products). Also, the sales page has been improved quite a bit since the offer launched.

Copy the email here. Your affiliate ID will already be embedded in it. […]

I’ve added a few banners for promoting SEO Content Factory. The first can be used by anyone. Because of the message on the others (“This blog stays active thanks to SEO Content Factory”), they can ONLY be used on blogs that are frequently posted to using SEO Content Factory.

For anyone who’d like to give […]

For 24 hours beginning at noon eastern on Thursday, November 12, I’ll be running an unusual sort of sale to launch a major upgrade to ExPop. The commission rate for all sales will be 50% (higher than usual for anyone not in the top commission tier!)

It’ll start off as a “dime sale”, beginning at […]

I’ve created a new brandable eBook for Gecko Tribe affiliates. You can brand it with your affiliate ID and then give it away to earn commissions. You’ll earn a commission whenever someone you give it to (or someone they pass it along to) clicks one of your affiliate links in the eBook and then goes […]

I’ve just finished writing a special report that you can use to promote LinContEx (and indirectly, CaRP Evolution). It’s called “Death of the Link Exchange”. It discusses the problems facing link exchanges and how to slve them (which naturally, LinContEx does).

The squeeze page for the report actually signs your referrals up on LinContEx with […]

For a long time, I’ve offered Fast JV as a free bonus to anyone who purchased Keyword Elite through my affiliate link. Now, similar to the offer I announced recently for getting CaRP Evolution free, you can promote my bonus offer and get a share of my commission on Keyword Elite (which is just under […]

Here’s a brand new way for you to promote CaRP (which I’ll apply to other products later — I’m just starting with my flagship) — drive traffic to my offer giving CaRP Evolution for free with a qualified ClickBank purchase.

The offer itself isn’t terribly unusual — if a customer buys a ClickBank product through […]

When referring customers to an affiliate product, one way to increase conversions is to “pre-sell”. Essentially what that means is that rather than simply linking to the product, you do something to get the customer ready to buy and THEN send them to the product page.

I’ve created a new tool for you that actually […]

I’ve just posted a “box image” for CaRP Evolution on the page where you get your CaRP affiliate links. The image is available in 3 sizes. Feel free to copy the images to your webserver and display them with your promotional materials.

Images for other products will be added in the future.

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