Here’s a brand new way for you to promote CaRP (which I’ll apply to other products later — I’m just starting with my flagship) — drive traffic to my offer giving CaRP Evolution for free with a qualified ClickBank purchase.

The offer itself isn’t terribly unusual — if a customer buys a ClickBank product through my affiliate link, I’ll give them a free bonus (CaRP Evolution in this case). What’s unusual is that if someone you refer to me takes the offer and buy through my ClickBank affiliate link, I’ll pay you a percentage of my commission as a commission — you’ll be the affiliate of an affiliate!

You might wonder why you’d want to refer someone to my affiliate link instead of just promoting the ClickBank product yourself. The answer is that unless you’ve got a bonus to give away that’s as valuable as the one I’m giving away, you’ll have an easier time getting people to bite on my offer. Sure, you’re commission will be lower per sale, but you should be able to make up the difference in increased sales volume.

I’m using my affiliate bonus delivery system Fast JV to deliver CaRP Evolution to people who buy any ClickBank product paying at least $40 commission through my affiliate link. (And I don’t even have to do anything — they buy, they submit their receipt ID, they download, I collect a check from ClickBank…and I pay you your share!)

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