For 24 hours beginning at noon eastern on Thursday, November 12, I’ll be running an unusual sort of sale to launch a major upgrade to ExPop. The commission rate for all sales will be 50% (higher than usual for anyone not in the top commission tier!)

It’ll start off as a “dime sale”, beginning at $7.00. It’ll increase by 20¢ every time someone buys till it reaches $25.00, where it will stay till the end of 24 hours.

What makes this sale different from a run of the mill dime sale is the “Battles”. The first battle will be “Mac vs. PC”. Each person who buys the product will get to vote on how I’ll spend the money: on a Mac or a PC?

Once enough votes have come in to decide the winner, the next battle will be “Battle of the Sexes”, followed by “Mind vs. Body”, “Battle of the Planets (a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray vs. Blu-ray), and “Race Against Time”.

To find out what those battles are…you’ll have to show up for the sale!

Get your affiliate link here.

If you’re not sure when the sale starts in your timezone, click your affiliate link — there’s a countdown timer on the page.