Keith Wellman has put together a package of 30 products with resell rights. You can resell them or give them away as bonuses with your products, and many if not all of them can be altered and rebranded. Or of course, you can just read and use them yourself. (At the current price of $9.95, the package is a bargain even if you don’t plan on redistributing them.)

The titles include: AutoCons (about buying a car), Easy Affiliate Profits, Marketing with Coupons, How to Create a Super Baby, Google Site Map Maker, Shoestring Wedding, The Insomnia Battle, Profitable Crafts, Online auction Profits Manual, Be a Scrapbooking Pro, Smoothies for Athletes, Create Your Own E-book Without Ever Writing a Word, For Sale Secrets (about selling a home), 30 Day Lo Carb Diet, and more.

If you don’t even want to build a reseller site (many of the products come with pre-built sales pages), you can use the affiliate link you get when you purchase the package, and you’ll get 100% of the sale price when people purchase through it! (That’s what the link above is.)

I do have to take exception to one of the products included: Blog Link Generator. It spams peoples’ blogs with comments linking to your site. I hate having to delete those from my blogs.

Anyway, at $9.95, it’s no-brainer, even if you buy just for yourself or for some source material for creating your own eBooks.