"YouTube Is  Your  Website's
New Best Friend..."

Automatically get videos matching the topic of your website in your own custom branded video player.

If you have a website, you've probably asked yourself these questions...

Q: How can I get people to return to my website often?

A: Post fresh content regularly.

Q: What's the hottest kind of content getting created these days?

A: Video.

Q: So, I have to start making videos all the time?

A: Are you kidding? Use videos other people have created! YouTube has videos for just about any topic under the sun.

Q: What's the slickest way to get fresh videos on my website automatically?

A: YesTube!

Q: What if I want it to show my own videos?

A: If you post videos to YouTube, you can create custom branded video players that play just your videos -- it's a lot cooler than just linking to YouTube!

I could answer questions all day, but the best way to catch the vision is to...

Click to see YesTube in action

Adventure Video Example | Homemaking Video Example

Key Features and Benefits
  • You choose the videos: Create your own video "channels" based on keywords or YouTube usernames.
  • You choose the styling: Pick one of the included themes and background images, or create your own!
  • Create as many video players as you want: Target your video players directly at the visitors to each of your sites, or each section of a single site.
  • Web-based tool for creating your YesTube players: Just fill out the form and click a button.
  • Give your visitors a "launcher" script that they can use to easily open your YesTube player from their desktops. (Here are the launchers for the demo players above -- you can bookmark them or save them to your hard drive: Internet Marketing | Adventure | Homemaking)
  • Earn commissions without really trying: Your affiliate link in the corner promotes YesTube and you get paid for every sale (you can remove the link if you prefer ... but why would you?)

Get YesTube with CaRP Evolution's YouTube Plugin

YesTube requires CaRP Evolution and it's YouTube plugin to process YouTube's RSS feeds. Get all 3 in a single bundle.