TriggerNote by Gecko Tribe
TriggerNote by Gecko Tribe
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Warning: Your Website is
Leaking Traffic!

"The average website visitor leaves in less than 10 seconds. Catch them on the way out, or they're gone forever."

Over 70% of visitors to many websites stay less than 10 seconds before clicking their "back" button and leaving forever. When that happens to you:

  • Your SEO efforts are wasted
  • Your advertising dollars are wasted
  • Your social marketing efforts are wasted
  • The time you spent creating your product is wasted
  • The time and effort spent perfecting your sales letter is wasted
  •'s over -- they're gone!

You do your best to catch their attention with a great headline, inviting images, etc. And that works for some of your traffic. But...

How can you hook those who are leaving without annoying those who are staying?

That's what Exit Intent Hover Ads are for.

TriggerNote: Website Interaction Engine

They're not like the exit popup windows that you only notice after you've closed your other browser windows. And they're not like those infuriating JavaScript alerts that force you to click them.

Instead, they appear within your webpage, floating on top of your content (the content that didn't hook your visitor, which is why they're leaving).

How effective are exit hover ads?

Hover ads can make a huge difference in a website's conversion rates. A few examples:

  • I used one to display a feedback form on one of my sales pages, asking people why they were leaving without buying or joining my mailing list. It collected 524 responses, which I used to improve the sales page. On the page they saw after submitting the form, they downloaded a PDF eBook that explained more reasons to buy my product!
  • A quick Google search turned up people who'd increased sales by anywhere from 33% to 327% using exit hover ads!

I can't guarantee TriggerNote will double your sales, but that gives you an idea of what's possible if you use it right.

What can I use exit hover ads for?

Unlike those annoying JavaScript alert popups (which can ONLY display text -- NOTHING else), exit hovers can display ANYTHING you can put on a webpage:

  • Special offers (the entire order form can go in the hover ad!)
  • Affiliate offers (even if they don't buy your product, they might be shopping for something related -- earn commissions on those sales)
  • Direct response ads -- one user put a special offer and their phone number in their hover ad, and started getting additional sales the very first day!
  • Surveys (ask them why they're leaving -- maybe you'll learn how to fix the problem!)
  • Sign-up forms (a lot of people will join your mailing list even if they won't stay on your website -- then you can send emails to entice them back!)
  • Text, images, video, name it!

Dream up something attention grabbing, and you can show it with TriggerNote!

Okay, I want it -- is it expensive?

Use With WordPress!

TriggerNote includes a WordPress plugin to enable to add exit hover ads to your blog quickly and easily from your WordPress control panel.

Create a default exit hover ad for your entire blog and/or display custom exit hover ads on each post or page.

Consider what TriggerNote will do for you: even if it only increased your sales by 10%, how much more would you earn each month? $50? $100? $1,000? It's worth at least that much.

What if it increased your sales by 25% (remember, some people see 100% or even 327% increases)? $125? $250? $2,500?

TriggerNote can increase your sales every month.

And here's the kicker. Exit Intent Hover Popups and just one of the many things it can do, so it can earn you even more.

Our competitors' charge anywhere from $108 to $5,988 per year for their Exit Intent Popups (depending on whether you get the super-limited version or not). We never charge a monthly fee, and TriggerNote never expires, so the longer you use it, the more you save.

For pricing details, and to find out what else TriggerNote can do...
visit the TriggerNote homepage.

Oh, and by the way, it comes with a...

100% no questions asked money back guarantee!

I have no doubt that TriggerNote is worth many times more than its price. So instead of asking you to risk your money, I'm going to accept 100% of the risk of your purchase.

If you're not convinced within 45 days that TriggerNote is worth every penny you paid for it and more, simply to let me know, and I'll refund 100% of the purchase price, no questions asked.