TriggerNote by Gecko Tribe
TriggerNote by Gecko Tribe
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Comparison to Exit Intent Popups

TriggerNote is much more than a simple Exit Intent Popup script. But there's probably nothing closer to compare it to. So here's how TriggerNote stacks up to the top Exit Intent Popup products.

Trigger Methods
Exit IntentYesMaybe*1YesYesYesYesYesYes
Mouse OverYesXXXXXXX
Exit InterstitialYesXX*2XXXXX
Display Types
Floating BarYesMaybe*3XXXXXX
Segmenting & Content Selection
Subscriber RecognitionYesYesXXYes*6XXX
Other Features
A/B TestingYesYesYesYesMaybe*3YesYesYes
Page Content ReplacementYesXXXXXXX
Change Any Page Element's CSS ClassYesXXXXXXX
One-time Purchase$29*7XXXXXXX
Cheapest Monthly OptionX*8$9*9$19*10$9*11$20$29*12$39$39*13
x 12 months =n/a$108$228$108$240$348$468$468
Most Expensive OptionX*8$29$339*14$49$150$159*15$199*16$499*17
x 12 months =n/a$348$4,068$588$1,800$1,908$2,488$5,988

Buy TriggerNote


  1. Only available on their most expensive monthly plan.
  2. May be possible to implement, but appears to require significant manual configuration.
  3. Not available on their cheapest monthly plan.
  4. Appears to support at least some cookie-based segmenting options.
  5. Offers some kind of segmentation, which we presume involves cookies.
  6. Does recognize returning visitors, but it's unclear whether this can be limited to subscribers, and whether this information can be used to supress redisplay of the exit popup.
  7. One user on all of their own websites: $29. All users on a single server: $129. All users on all of one company's servers: $299.
  8. We never charge monthly fees -- make a one time purchase and use it forever. Includes free upgrades to all future 1.x versions.
  9. Limited to one domain.
  10. Limited to 3,000 monthly visitors and 30,000 page views.
  11. Limited to 1 domain and 3,000 popup impressions per month. No customized templates.
  12. Limited to 1 domain and 4,000 visits per month.
  13. Limited to 1 domain, and 1 campaign (1 popup?).
  14. Limited to 300,000 monthly visitors and 3,000,000 page views.
  15. Limited to 10 domains and 200,000 visits per month.
  16. Average monthly price - only available with annual billing.
  17. Limited to 5 domains, and 10 campaigns (10 different popups?)

Data is based on publicly available information, and is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing.