TriggerNote by Gecko Tribe
TriggerNote by Gecko Tribe
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Plus Exit Intent Popups, Exit Interstitials, image and content replacement, and more. Create your own custom interactions!

What if your website could do more than just sit and wait to get clicked? What if it interacted with each unique visitor in just the right way, at just the right time, guiding their attention and actions right where you want them to go?

TriggerNote is a powerful Website Interaction Engine that makes your site more dynamic using customizable Triggers, Actions and Selectors.

  • Catch and keep the attention of visitors who are leaving your site.
  • Interact based on mouse movement, clicks, scrolling, etc.
  • Display different content to first time vs. returning visitors.
  • Stop wasting your best screen real estate showing ads to people who have already responded to them.
  • Automatically update seasonal or time-based content based on the day of the week, time of day, month, etc.
  • "Parallax scrolling" (scrolling different parts of the page such as background images at different speeds than the rest of the page), and other animation effects.
  • ...and much more.

Use "Recipes" for Easy Customization

Use any of our built-in Recipes to easily create customized lightboxes, floating bars, slide-ins, exit intent popups, exit interstitials, and more.

Many customization options can be found right in the Recipe dialog. And you can always make more changes, big or small, after the Recipe has been applied.

The floating bar Recipe dialog

Use "Selectors" to Display Different Content to Different People

Manually specify which TriggerNote widgets to display on each page, or use Selectors in the control panel to automatically choose different content for different people based on all sorts of criteria. Your website can display just the right message to connect with each visitor individually.

Got a link from the Huffington Post? Display a custom welcome to people who come to your site from there!

Scientific Split Testing

Test different versions of your promotional materials against each other using Google Analytics integration. And rather than guessing whether you have enough data for valid results or not, use TriggerNote's built-in statistical analysis to make the right call.

When the green light says you're good to go, you can say with confidence that you have a winner.

WordPress Integration

Easily select default Trigger Sets and split tests for your entire blog, and override them for individual posts. (On non-WordPress webpages, do the same with some simple PHP code.)

Other Tools Do Less and Cost More

Compare features and pricing to the competition.

Demo Videos


This video will give you an overview of how to use TriggerNote on your website. It demonstrates "the hard way" to create Trigger Sets -- be sure to watch some of the other videos to see how Recipes make it easy.

Recipes/Exit Intent

This video shows how Recipes make TriggerNote easy to use, and also demonstrates the Exit Hover (exit intent) Recipe.

Exit Interstitial

This video shows how you can monetize every outbound link on your website with one quick setup using our Exit Interstitial Recipe.

Replace Content

This video shows how to reclaim key space on your website by replacing page elements that a particular visitor no longer needs to see with something else.

Content Sequences/Cookies

This video shows how to display website content sequentially to each visitor regardless of which path they take as they click through your website. It demonstrates one of many ways to use TriggerNote's tracking cookie and cookie features.

Selectors/Keeping Seasonal Content Up-to-date

This video demonstrates one use of TriggerNote's Selectors -- keeping seasonal or holiday ads and content up-to-date automatically.

Delayed Hover Opt-In Form

Delayed hover opt-in forms can be an extremely effective way to increase subscriptions to your email list. This video shows how to set them up quickly and easily using TriggerNote's "Delayed Hover" Recipe.

Core Components


Recipes are preconfigured combinations of Triggers and Actions that make it easy to set up common things like:

  • Exit intent popups (a.k.a. "Unblockable exit hover popups")
  • Delayed hover popups
  • "Exit Interstitials" (watch video above -- if you have outbound links on your website that you're not already monetizing, you'll want to see this!)
  • Slide-in messages
  • Top or bottom floating bars
  • Loading content from any URL and injecting it into your webpages
  • ...with many more to come.


Triggers are the events that make things happen. Any combination of these can trigger an Action:

  • Mouse move over/out of page element
  • Mouse move over/out of page region
  • Mouse move in specified direction & speed
  • Mouse move onto/off of page
  • Scroll a part of the page into/out of view
  • Mouse click
  • Check cookie value
  • Check JavaScript variable value
  • Day of week, month, year, etc.
  • When the visitor first visited your site
  • When they last visited your site
  • How many pages they've viewed on your site today
  • How many different days they've come to your site


Actions are what happens in response to Triggers. You can trigger any combination of these:

  • Change a page element's CSS class for a variety of effects:
    • Change colors, sizes, etc.
    • Display or hide messages
    • Animation
    • ...and much more
  • Change the content of part of your page
  • Display a JavaScript alert
  • Load content from a URL into a JavaScript variable (from which, for example, it can be displayed as an alert, or injected into your page)
  • Change the value of a form field
  • Move a page element to a different location
  • Set an element attribute
  • Set a style property on an element
  • Set or change a JavaScript variable
  • Set or change a cookie value
  • Set or stop a JavaScript timer
  • Send the visitor to another page
  • Execute your own JavaScript code to do whatever you want


You can use Selectors to dynamically choose which Trigger Sets to use on a page based on any combination of:

  • Day of week, month, year, etc.
  • When the visitor first visited your site
  • When they last visited your site
  • How many pages they've viewed on your site today
  • How many different days they've come to your site
  • Website or webpage that the visitor came from
  • Which page or section of your website is being displayed
  • Cookie values

Download the Free "Lite" Version

Download TriggerNote Lite (free registration required). This version includes the Mouse Over and Mouse in Polygon Triggers, the Set CSS Class, Set CSS Style, and Set Content/JavaScript Alert Actions, the Date and Time-based Selectors, WordPress support, and other features.

Pricing & Order Info

  • No monthly fees!
  • Free updates to all 1.x versions
  • 45-day money back guarantee
Single User Single Server Company License
Buy: $29 Buy: $129 Buy: $299
one person on all of their own websites all users on one physical web server all users on all web servers owned by one company

If you're not convinced within 45 days that TriggerNote is worth every penny of the price and more, simply for a full refund, no questions asked.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress is optional