CaRP: Caching RSS Parser - Manual
     Version 3.5.4 (10/7/2004)

NOTE: This version of CaRP is obsolete. This documentation is being left here for those who have not yet upgraded to the current version.

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This code will select items containing any of the words "Microsoft", "Oracle", "Sun", or "IBM" in either the title or description from two different newsfeeds, and display the four most recent. Note that the newsfeeds must contain either a pubDate or dc:date field for their items in order to correctly select the most recent stories:

require_once "/path/to/carp.php";

// don't display any channel fields

// display a bullet before each item
CarpConf('bi','&bull ');

// set up the filtering

// show up to 4 items

// show upt o 100 characters from the description

// refresh every 2 hours

// Filter each newsfeed and cache the results
CarpCacheFilter("", "agg2-slashdot");
CarpCacheFilter("", "agg2-infoworld");

// combine the results from the two newsfeeds
Example Output:

[CaRP] Can't open remote newsfeed [404].

[CaRP] Cache file not found.
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